The best value for Canadians

Team Artemis can offer an unmatched value proposition to Canada with the potential for aircraft assembly, mission integration and in-service support. The team will count on local industries to provide many components of the system such as the Canadian-made Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turbo-prop engine and the unique anti-jam GPS system provided by NovAtel of Calgary, Alberta.

If selected for RPAS, the Artemis UAS will be assembled by L3 MAS in Mirabel, Quebec. Once the assembly is complete, L3 MAS will install a mission suite selected by the Canadian government to meet the specific requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). That mission suite will include a large sensor suite made up of such systems as an L3 WESCAM advanced Electro-Optic / Infrared (EO/IR) laser imaging and targeting sensor system.

Assembly and mission suite integration will be verified through a series of flight tests performed in Canada before Artemis would be released to the CAF. After delivery, In-Service Support (ISS) activities will be conducted in Canada, including the maintenance and the supply chain management of the aircraft and avionics components. Team Artemis will eventually comprise a number of Canadian partners, including small and medium businesses, woman-owned and indigenous-owned businesses, and Canadian universities.

High-tech jobs in Canada

As the integrator of the mission systems and the in-service support provider, Team Artemis will provide Canada with high-tech work in the fields of engineering and production like aeronautical, system, software and avionics engineering and technical work to install the mission suite system. All of this work could be done from the L3 MAS facilities in Mirabel, Quebec. The work will also require a large number of support functions, including program management, operations, integrated logistics support and more. In total, this could represent upwards of 50 new jobs in Canada and more importantly, the transfer of technology necessary to make this program possible could result in significant export potential.

As Canadians, we are very proud to have the opportunity to assemble such a diverse Canadian team as the one we’re building for the RPAS Project.  The creation of high-value jobs and the technology transfer to support Team Artemis will be a tremendous benefit to the Canadian industry,” said Jacques Comtois.